Encarni Díaz “Ginger” is a self-taught spanish artist in love with the singular and mysterious.

Her work explores feelings and emotions represented mainly by female figures without facial identification, amulets, symbolic references and nonhuman animals that cohabit in an imaginary and enigmatic world more typical of dreams than the reality we know. These characters recreate situations, fears, desires and hopes that can only be deciphered by an imaginative vision capable of capturing the message hidden beneath the surface, all wrapped in a universe of magic and secrecy that allows her feelings to surface timidly without exposing them In its whole.

Her work contains many references to an inner world developed from a childhood linked to the stories and tales of authors of the XVIII and XIX century such as the brothers Grimm, Perrault or Hans Christian Andersen among others, whose stories full of intrigue, symbolism and allegories were her first contact to, what some years later, in her teenage years, would be an unconditional love for fiction and fantasy, both in literature and film, being this reflected on her more recent work with a generational wink to those born in the 70s and 80s.

That imagery of her childhood and youth, together with a mysterious and captivating aesthetic are the tools through which the artist tells us her personal experiences, her interpretation of life, in occasions revealing vulerability or nostalgia and always communicating emotions, through a visual narrative, which is the heart of her work.

Her ability to develop an oniric representation of her inner world through painting responds to an emotional need that was born in the beginning as a purely personal project, though soon It would wake up the curiosity of the observer, attracted by that special symbiosis that the creatures of her works seem to share.

Ginger intentionally invites viewers to identify themself with her paintings, to be reflected in some way in her fascinating world, to discover the questions thrown in the air and find their own answers.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in various galleries of the surrealist pop scene, and she is currently preparing a monograph with most of her work, that will be released this year.